You all know that gambling is a combination of fortune and skill, but just how much power do you have over your luck? Some say there are random things to wear or lucky casino appeals that persuade the odds in your popularity. Whether the superstitions are natural, it is always entertaining to spice up your gambling experience with a ritual. From a rabbit’s foot to lucky colors and numbers, here is everything you can endeavor to aid you in winning big at the casino:

lucky casino appeals

Rabbit foot:

Consider obtaining a rabbit foot for a smooth and opportunely casino lucky charm. It is one of the most well-known things to fetch good luck and depending on your thoughts you can get a real or fake one. The rabbit foot is a recognized good luck appeal worldwide in many places. The tales of how the rabbit foot came to be optimistic vary significantly, but they all connect back to how, where, and by whom the rabbit was slain or killed. The past can be dark, so you should get your casino lucky charm and neglect the background story.

Crossing fingers:

The genesis of this practice or ritual remains anonymous, but a couple of ideas try to describe its origin. The first idea assumes that it derives from the medieval Christian tradition of creating the sign of the cross for defense against wizards and negative paranormal forces. Another theory outlines its source as the pagan ceremony and belief where the cross is seen as a force that aids people in actualizing their desires and gratitude for its high concentration of good souls.

lucky casino charms

Blowing on dice:

Blowing on dice is a traditional ritual you have seen in films for decades, and it brings a gambler casino fortune. The most iconic form it has been used is a man requesting a pretty woman to blow on the dice before he rolls. While it is lovely praise to be asked to do this, that is not the only path to better your luck. Blow on your dice before you roll, and notice how much luck obtains you. Some consider this ritual traced back to the earlier days of gambling when gamblers attempted to trick by coating one side of their dice in a gluey substance that could be triggered by blowing on the dice.

Now that you are all grazed up on the fortune things to wear in a casino, and lucky casino charms, cross your fingers that you will be the next person to beat the wild jackpot.