Slot volatility represents the typical size of wins and how often a slot triggers a win. A high volatility slot pays out big wins, whereas a low volatility slot pays out small victories. Any slot can have a hot and cold streak and pay out both big and small wins. Below are the points by which you will learn about The Different Types of Slot Machine Volatility:

Low Volatility:

Volatility is a term that indicates how big a swing you may go from one extreme to the other when it comes to winning and losing. Low-volatility games will help you win frequently. In contrast, the probability of winning is comparatively low in high-volatility games.

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High volatility:

If you are a high roller with a lot of money, you should never forget that high volatility slots are the best way to make a quick buck. You should be brave to take risks and challenges because high rollers love slots with high volatility.

Medium volatility:

Online slot games with medium volatility have the potential to make a satisfactory compromise between high-volatile machines and low-volatile machines. These games can sometimes be frustrating, but they have many benefits. People immensely love medium-variance slots as they offer tons of bonus features.

Medium-low volatility:

These slots are programmed to play games with lower risk and can pay more small wins. Medium-low volatility slots are slots that offer you a lot of win combinations and offer you more frequent success than medium volatility.


The medium-high slots are a cakewalk for the high roller who enjoys frequent small wins. If you are a player who wants to alternate between big and small bets while playing, then medium-high slots are ideal for you. You can try to win the jackpot with considerable risk in medium-high volatility.

Your risk will determine your win. You must choose the best volatility according to how you take a chance, involve money and face challenges.